Park Key is online parking marketplace of trusted community.
1. What does Park Key offer that is different from regular parking lots?
Park Key is an online platform that connects someone looking for parking with empty spots sitting vacant in busy areas. It saves you from the trouble of waiting in lines or roaming around searching for vacant parking spots. There are no booking fee, membership fees, or annual fees – just the rental amount!
2. How exactly does it help you find a parking spot?
All you need to do is to enter your destination address and see available parking spots on easy to use familiar map interface. You can make use of various filters to find the perfect spot.
3. What if I can’t find the perfect parking spot?
If you are unable to find a perfect parking spot, feel free to create an alert. This alert will enable you to receive updates as soon as a parking spot becomes available.
4. What are various booking period?
Parking can be booked for as little as two hours to daily, monthly and yearly. Each location will specify available booking period.  
5. Can I book hourly parking? 
We heard you! Hourly is available in selected locations. Select 'Short Term Parking' on the search page when looking for hourly parking.  
6. What is difference between 24 x 7 or Business Hours only?
There are many under utilised parking spots around town available only during business hours. 'Business Hours' refers to parking spot available between 8 am to 6 pm from Sunday to Thursday. 
Park Key offers you the choice of booking parking sports that are available 24 x 7 or during business hours only. 
7. How can I book a parking spot?
In order to book a parking spot, you have to first become a member of Park Key. This allows us to help verify that our network of parkers and listers is a trusted community. You can register to become a member by signing up on the homepage.
8. How can I pay for the parking?
Payments can be made online hassle free. All payments are facilitated via Payfort, which is a secure online payment gateway used by thousands of business to process credit card payments.
The payment gateway provider, using the world's most trusted SSL certificates, secures all your credit card information. Park Key does not store any of your credit card details. 
9. Does Park Key store credit cards credentials?
Park Key doesn’t store your credit card details. All details are processed by the online payment provider. You can use the same credit card for new bookings without having to enter all details.  
10. How do I know when booking is made?
Following successful booking, the booking details will appear under 'Booking' on your dashboard. An email notification is also sent out confirming the booking. 
11. What does first payment includes?
The first payment includes the rental amount, and may include a fully refundable security deposit. All subsequent monthly payments will include only the rental payment.
12. What is a Security deposit?
This is an amount taken as a deposit for the booking, and may be used to replace a lost or damaged swipe card or over-stay. This amount is held by Park Key and is refunded to you at the end of the booking period, or when the access key is returned.
13. How do I get the Access to the parking spot?
Park Key will arrange to deliver the access card/device (if any).
14. Can I make multiple bookings?
Yes, you can book multiple spaces under one account.
15. Can I cancel a booking
You are able to cancel your booking 48 hours prior to the start date without any penalty. Within 48 hours or after booking commences you are required to give 1 month’s notice.
16. Do you have mobile app? 
Park Key has a mobile app on Android Play Store and coming soon to iOS App Store.

Lister FAQ

Note: Parking in your space should be designated and legal. You are responsible to have approvals in place before listing your parking spot.
1. How can I list a Parking spot?
You can list your parking spot completely free of charge at Park Key. Click the 'List a Spot' button on the top right of any page on the site. This will take you to a form where you can enter the details required. You can list single or multiple spots. 
2. What is Number of Spaces?
You can list single or multiple parking spots.
4. What is Description meant for?
Everyone loves clear instructions so they can find your space with a smile on their face. Important information includes how to access the parking area (ie the street name where the entry is located) and how to locate the space in the parking area (ie Level 2, turn right, located on the left hand side). If it's tricky getting out of the building, please mention that in the description as well.
5. Why are photos required? 
Photos are important and help parkers to make an informed decision about booking your space. Park Key parkers want to see the entrance to the building and a photo of the space. It really easy to do, just take a photo with your phone and then upload to the Park Key site.
6. How can I set the Pricing?
You are the owner and it’s up to you to decide. Setting a competitive price will be more attractive to parkers. If needed be, we can help you determine the price.
7. What is Security Deposit?
The key deposit is paid by the parker and this is fully refundable to the parker once the access card/device has been returned. 
8. How do I know that the Parker is a Park Key member?
Only Park Key members can make a booking. The booking confirmation provides you with the registration details of the vehicle that belongs to the parker and their name. Our membership is built around trust and transparency.
9. How do I know when booking is made?
When a parker makes a booking, you'll receive an email/sms notification with details like, start date, end date, and booking number.
10. What happens after booking is made?
Once the booking is made, Park Key will contact you to collect the access card/device and deliver to the parker.
11. How and when will I get paid?
Payments are made twice a month. You can provide your bank account details in the account dashboard to get paid directly.
Park Key credits your nominated bank account, this generally takes 1 to 3 working days to clear at the end of the booking period. You can change details at any stage.
12. What is the cost of listing?
Listing your car space is free, and there is no membership fee. Park Key adds a mark up when booking is made. This service fee helps with marketing costs, and helps us improve our member services, and provide you with an awesome booking platform.
13. How can I remove a listed parking sot? 
You can delete a listed parking spot by writing to 'care@parkkey.com'
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