Park Key can help your business become more efficient

by Ghalia Mirza

Posted on January 18, 2017 at 12:29 pm

Whether you have a small-scale business with just a few employees or you own a major company with hundreds of workers, one thing is certain – you must need a smart and efficient parking plan. No one wants disgruntled workers coming in late because of circling the streets ten times, looking for parking. No one also wants to park far away and walk miles before reaching the work place. Thus, it’s safe to say convenient company parking is crucial for any kind of running operation.

And that’s where Park Key comes in. Utilizing thousands of unused parking spaces across the UAE, we have parking solutions that can fit all your various requirements. At Park Key, we understand a business has dozens of running costs and an expensive parking plan isn’t exactly an attractive option to most owners. However, our parking plans can help you save money instead and not have a major impact on your company budget. By collaborating and discussing your requirements with Park Key, we can suggest options that suit your spending structure.

Managing parking and operating a smooth entry and exit point for all drivers can also often be a challenge at various parking zones and lots. This can especially be the case at company-hosted occasions, corporate events and galas, and even conferences. Why spoil or mismanage an event simply because of scant or unavailable parking?

Similarly, if you are an owner of an SME such as a clinic or small agency or consultancy office, you might also be facing the parking dilemma. Customers, clients and patients don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding parking when arriving for an appointment. You too can find a perfect parking solution with Park Key, wherever your location might be.

Understanding all the parking obstacles that come along with setting up a business or office in the region, Park Key has designed diverse solutions that can suit the hours, number of employees and type/amount of vehicles you need to cater to. Your employees will no longer be able to use the ‘parking delay’ excuse at work once Park Key comes into the picture!

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