Got A Hundred Cars to Park? No Problem!

by Ghalia Mirza

Posted on January 12, 2017 at 10:40 am

Being a popular tourist and business hub, Dubai has made its place in the world as a city of opportunities. It’s no surprise that there are several car rental operations running across the region. From holiday rent-a-cars to transportation vehicles such as trucks, business is booming. But finding enough space to house them can become a problem.

By describing the kind of fleet of vehicles you operate, Park Key can help generate spaces that suit your requirements. Car rental businesses usually work round the clock and need parking in spots that have 24/7 access. Tourist companies often have large car sizes to host more passengers and hence a larger parking space is needed. All these aspects are well understood at our end and we customize our options for you according to your needs.

Park Key doesn’t need to create new spots to accommodate your fleet. There are perhaps hundreds of parking spaces across the city that are not being used. We simply bring these unused parking spaces and lots on to the digital map so that businesses such as yours can utilize them better.

By collaborating with us, you can count on:

  • Fully secure parking spaces
  • Diverse range of spaces to host different shapes and sizes of vehicles
  • Digital payment plans that suit your business budget
  • Available as and when you need them with advance booking
  • Monthly and annual parking plans as per your requirement

There are often complaints by residential communities over car rental businesses taking their spots in various neighbourhoods. Fleet owners often have no choice but to park their cars in any spot they can find, even if it’s a small tight space in an unsecured, unsurveillanced area. This gets much worse during the holiday season. Why put your drivers and cars through that chaos? Book your spots now with Park Key and we will have them safely parked for you according to proper regulations and requirements. We realize that car rental agencies are not confined to certain areas. Spread across the entire UAE region, they too need their allotted parking and Park Key is here to make that happen.

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