Safety First: Driving in UAE

by Ghalia Mirza

Posted on December 29, 2016 at 8:06 am

By using Park Key you may have solved all your parking problems but have you got the driving bit all figured out yet? Whether you are a new driver or a veteran behind the wheel, driving in Dubai can often be quite daunting.

If you don’t live in the UAE, you must have heard all about how tough it is to pass the driving test here – and if you are about to move here soon from a different region, you may be a bit worried about that. Here are some tips from our team that might help you tackle the traffic and take command of the road in a more confident way!

– Keep your distance

This might sound pretty basic to an average driver, but we can’t stress how crucial this is on the roads in Dubai. Maintaining a safe distance between two cars allows drivers enough space to adjust speed and hit the breaks if need be without damaging other cars. Being too close behind another vehicle can be more harmful than you think.

– Watch for pedestrians

While crossing the streets you must have at some point come across a selfish driver who refused to slow down at the zebra crossing. Not only can this lead to a heavy fine for the driver but can lead to fatal accidents as well. Make sure you slow down at zebra crossings and are alert throughout the traffic stops.

– Stick to your lane

As tempting as it might be to zig-zag your way through a busy road, make sure you stick to your lane. You will often come across someone suddenly switching lanes at a very fast speed. Don’t follow that example. Stay in the lane best suited for your speed and you will avoid traffic violations as well as damages to your car. 

– Practice makes perfect

Don’t hesitate to contact an instructor or an acquaintance if you feel you need some practice on the roads before you hit the highways in UAE. There are lots of professionals available to teach you but if all you need is some practice, pick a friend or relative and take them around for a spin. Get used to the roundabouts here where it can sometimes get tricky to turn around. Also, learning the main routes and getting used to street signs and names will help in building your confidence on the streets.

– Expect animals and trucks to share the road

For a UAE resident, this may not seem new or strange at all but for all the new drivers in the region, we suggest keeping a special eye out for road hazards such as camels and goats passing by, especially on the highways where you might be driving at a fast speed. Aside from these, also beware of large loud trucks which might be obstructing your view or driving at a speed that might be unnerving to you.

– Park with caution

Picking a safe parking spot is very important for your car’s safety. With an enormous amount of traffic on the streets in Dubai, parking can often be a challenge. Not only can illegal parking cost you a hefty fine but your car may end up with some dents and scratches too if parked in a congested area. You can always book a safe and secure parking spot through Park Key and avoid any delays and hassles.

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