5 Simple Tips To Preserve Your Car’s Value

by Ghalia Mirza

Posted on December 14, 2016 at 11:13 am

How much does your car mean to you? Is it simply a means to get you from point A to point B? Or is it an asset you deeply care about and invest in a lot? Either way, chances are you want to make sure it remains in top notch condition to stick around with you for the long run or for the day you decide to sell it or trade it in.

Following these five simple tips will help maintain your car’s value and keep it running smoothly ahead.

Choose your parking VERY carefully

This may not seem like a big priority but trust us, it is. Dents and scratches are most likely to appear when parking in the wrong spot. You can minimize the chances of this happening by parking away from other cars so that your vehicle is less vulnerable to passing or turning cars. Be careful opening the doors and don’t place yourself too close to a pavement or sidewalk. Keeping the car in a garage or in a covered spot is also a good idea to keep it safe from the harsh effects of the sun. If you need help finding good parking spots, you can always use Park Key to book a safe place for your car.

Wash and wax

Just the way you bathe yourself regularly and clean your house on a daily basis, you car should be getting similar attention too. Don’t wait for weeks before deciding to wash your wheels! Experts suggest washing your car at least twice a month by hand or special car soap. Car washes that use scrubbers aren’t often a good idea as they adversely affect the finish of your car. Using wax a few times a year to keep up the luster and prevent fading would also help keeping your car shiny and clean.

Don’t delay the repairs

Whether it’s a small dent or an ugly scratch, don’t wait for days to have it fixed. Try to have those spots repaired as soon as possible with paintless repair. Paintless repair technicians can do a great job of removing horrible marks and turning your car into its original shape. If you stop caring about small blemishes on your car, soon they will keep growing and eventually lead to your vehicle losing its value.

Return the glory to those faded headlights

 After increased sun exposure, your car’s headlights lenses are prone to fading and giving off a yellow tinge. Headlights in a faded condition can often reveal a car’s true age while the rest of the appearance might seem shiny and new. Having the headlights polished is not a long process and neither is it a very expensive one.

The inside counts

The look and smell of your car’s interior matters just as much as the outside appearance. It’s often easy to ignore the foul smells or stains inside as long as the outside is glowing and spot-free. However, someone else car-pooling with you or a potential buyer might not feel the same way. Avoid eating and drinking in your car and if you must, get rid of the empty containers right away. Shake out those mats regularly and invest in a small hand vacuum to get rid of all the dust inside. Tiny steps such as these can go a long way in keeping your car preserved inside and outside!

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